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Every person has their own unique quirks and when two like-hearted souls come together, those fun, intimate details help tell their love story - my husband and I are of no exception!

Ours began one Friday evening after I had recently moved to town and landed a job just off Post as a waitress - his waitress! In spite of some serious personal embarrassments, bunches of nervous laughter from us both, and insert-foot moments, we exchanged numbers by the end of the night. 

Since that Spring evening in 2006, we have moved across the country and half way back, settling roots down in this Midwest City of Fountains we now call home with our two rambunctious sons. Our little family has grown even more courtesy of puppies, kitties, a dragon, and an aquarium setup bigger than my dream closet! It's a bit of an organized chaos and I love every minute of it!

Through the years and many miles, I have maintained my affinity for Italian lace cookies, leopard print, and cotton candy sunset skies. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, and a Devoted Keeper of Secrets. I burn some grilled cheese sandwiches but can run a 9-ball table. I will stream GoT, Downton Abbey, or Real Housewives and can neither confirm nor deny the occasional drop of a particularly versatile 4-letter word every now and again.


That said, I'm a firm believer in the approach with both my personal and professional life that: "if it's important to you - it's important to me" and in light of that I move forward accordingly, maintaining the ability to handle things strategically. When I invest my energy I do so, fully.

It's that same sentiment that allows me to focus on how to better serve and help my Clients + Couples beyond my craft of Photography over the years. This leads me to also offer Coordination and Consulting services which will alleviate some of the stresses that can easily come with the hearty undertaking of coordinating and polishing those details for sessions and a variety of events - especially your wedding! As well, I also serve the creative needs of my fellow Wedding professionals as an ardent advocate for Community over competition within the industry, proudly serving as the lead host of PHOTOSOCIAL: A Creative Community Collaborative.


So if you're down for a chat over iced mocha coffees sprinkled with occasional references from HAMILTON (big fan!) contact me today and let's get to making some beautiful creative visions come to life!

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            ABOUT ME

  •  It honestly bears repeating: I love coffee! It makes me FUNction! For real, though!

  • The Jersey Shore is where I'm from and I do rock some leopard print and gold hoops from time to time! (Also: No, I don't know Snooki)

  • I'm a November Bride! We were the first wedding at our venue so I planned it all with bits of input from my husband. (Hey, Love!)​​

  • I'm a member of the M.O.B. (Mamas Of Boys) and so there's typically Dinosaurs, LEGO and some Hot Wheels in every room of our home.​​

  • ​I have an eternal love of the color PINK! As well, I'm an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness after losing my Grandma Ruth to it.


  • Some of my former occupations include: Wedding Consultant,  Nurse Aide specializing in Alzheimer and dementia care, and Blockbuster (...and I'm officially aging myself now!?)

  • No - but really: I'm slightly obsessed with the masterful profound genius that is HAMILTON and basically all creative things Lin-Manuel Miranda.

  • Active Duty + Military Veterans, First Responders + Medical Professionals are all eligible for a 10% discounted rate as, also being the proud wife of an Airborne Medic Combat Veteran, this is something very near to my heart. Thank you.


Mallory Cook. Showing newlywed couple the photograph just taken as they smile at the World War 1 Museum in Kansas City.
Mallory Cook. Hands gesturing to newlywed couple to get closer for a picture.
Mallory Cook. Leaning with Nikon to capture a photograph in downtown Kansas City.
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