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What is a brand amBAD-ASSador?

The role of any hand-selected amBAD-ASSador of Mallory Cook Creative means tons of perks and fun with some duties for the position like brand knowledge, advocacy, social media support, and a few other responsibilities which can vary based on specific creative visions.

What are some of those perks for amBAD-ASSadors?

While the specific creative requests may differ, all amBAD-ASSadors qualify for the following:

  • up to a 40% discount off the base rate of select Sessions for the duration of amBAD-ASSadorship for MCC

  • exclusive access for limited time Sessions / Styled Shoots

  • bonus freebie digital images

  • random drawings for prizes like gift cards to Starbucks, Target, or local gems

  • special referral benefits for amBAD-ASSador that leads in direct bookings for MCC

Who can apply for a spot as an amBAD-ASSador?

  • Adults ages 21-45 (must be a minimum of 21 years at the time of application)

  • Reside in the Kansas City / Lawrence areas (have car, will travel!)

  • Sociable, friendly, and reliable with good availability and communication

  • Experience modeling with a direct link to portfolio / work (entry level is welcome!)

  • Comfort with direction and work possibly being sultry or suggestive in nature (i.e.: boudoir, intimate couples, etc.)  

  • Usage of personal wardrobe unless otherwise instructed as MCC Client Closet is amidst articles of acquisition

  • Have and maintain an active social media presence for occasional posts of select MCC materials / events

  • Body modifications / Tattoos must be free from compromised or otherwise negative affiliations / interpretations

  • Individuals or Couples consent to terms of MCC Model Release without violating any other contracts or obligations

Let's get your amBAD-ASSadorship started!

Applying as:
Thanks for your applying for an ambad-assador position! be in touch soon!
Mallory Cook Creative Photography in Kansas City studio couple boudoir man holding woman arms embracing on bedroom floor
Mallory Cook Creative photography in Kansas City couple boudoir intimate lifestyle photo of tattoos on man arm gripping woman hip in black lingerie on itchen counter
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