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Your privacy is important!

Mallory Cook Creative understands that your privacy is something to be taken seriously,

which is why MCC will only use the information provided for the purpose of fulfilling our

creative work together. MCC will not sell or share your private information to third parties.

Not now. Not ever.

  • Are you available for LGBT+ events?
    Absolutely!! Love and marriage in the LGBT+ community is equal under the law and should be supported and celebrated!
  • What if I have special considerations?
    No worries! Please do not hesitate to share if you have any type of special consideration which may be important to help ensure a safe, comfortable, fun, and memorable experience while we create and document important moments. (Some examples might include: limited mobility, public displays of affection, a specific topic which might be sensitive for anyone, religious elements, family dynamics, or something as simple as what might hold a little one's attention during photos... I am a mom so if need be, I will sing "Baby Shark").
  • Can I create a custom package with you?
    Without a doubt, yes! While MCC offers general packages, à la carte options are also available upon request which can be bundled together to best suit your needs. Some of these options include: my Second Photographer, additional time, upgrading your Session, specific Wedding + Event coverage, and more! To ensure you get exactly what you want, contact MCC today and we'll get started on plans to help make your vision reality!
  • How long until I receive my finished images?
    This will vary given certain aspects like the que of galleries, the type of photography booked with MCC, and a few other factors. For Intimate Sessions or Engagement Shoots, completed galleries are typically delivered within 2-4 weeks from the date of the fulfilled Session. Weddings + Elopements are more substantial in amount and duration of editing time, so those can take up to 12 weeks - thankfully, there has yet to be any gallery that's needed that length of time for digital delivery. MCC will also send updates to keep you in the loop!
  • How can I expect my finished images to be delivered?
    In connection with the duration of delivery from your Session or Event, standard methods for completed galleries include a direct link via email to your own password-protected digital gallery where your finished images may then be downloaded directly to your computer or phone. If preferred, add an à la carte option of a personalized USB drive with your finished digital images to be sent to you. And with MCC, the printing rights are already included in the rate! RAW and unedited files are not available.
  • Would it be alright if I tag you when posting my images?
    Ohhh: 100%! And even if I wasn't your photographer, please feel free to make mention and tag me if we collaborated! I genuinely love when my people love my work so much and want to give me a shout out like that! It makes me super happy when my work and efforts are appreciated! THANK YOU! @MalloryCookCreative #MalloryCookCreative
  • How do we book your services if that's a gift from our loved ones?
    OK, first: that's amazing so please give them a Thank You Hug for me as that is generous and I super appreciate that! And second: I offer Gift Certificates for exactly this type of reason! Simply have your loved ones purchase one for the amount of total services you're wanting to have me for, being sure to redeem it before the expiration date. Also, I allow one complimentary rescheduling based on availability for most Photography sessions because I get it: plans change, weather shifts, and that's alright because we'll get it done!
  • What should I do if Vendors want images you captured at our event?
    This is a bit of a wonky area to navigate when booking with some Vendors. There can be verbiage that asks clients to surrender works - although the sole copyright and authority to do so is retained strictly with MCC. Please be aware of this prior to signing any documents or engaging in a verbal exchange and feel free to send Vendors my way as any request of those materials must be sought by Vendors via direct communication with MCC. As well, it's commonplace for Vendors to desire finished images which is why MCC generally creates a Vendor Gallery specifically for their use - so long as you have granted permission courtesy of authorization in a signed model release with MCC.
  • I LOVE my images and want to submit them to a magazine so how do I do that?
    I am thrilled that you love your images so much you wish to see them in a publication! That's awesome! While you can view some of my works in a few places like The Storyteller Magazine, Creative Collective, as well as Color Shot, these were reviewed carefully prior to submission to ensure there was no complications during that process. Typically, only the copyright holder is permitted to submit works for publication (the photographer) due to copyright laws. There may be fees associated with submissions, so please reach out and we'll see about specifics for the particular publication platform you had in mind.
  • We're planning our event and want to book you but can't pay everything upfront - what do we do?
    Congratulations and thank you! Here at MCC, it's understood that Life Happens, so to help with that, there are 3 options when it comes to booking and the rates for most Services: 1) The 100%: where the entire rate is paid-in-full at booking. 2) The 50/50: where 50% is due to book with the remaining 50% due in-full a minimum of 45 days prior to the scheduled event date. 3) The 50/25/25: where 50% is due to book with the remaining 50% then able to be split into 2 equal amounts, having the final installment rate processed in-full a minimum of 45 days prior to the scheduled event date. All bookings require a non-refundable, non-transferable rate of 50% the package amount due at the time of Booking, including with the use of Gift Certificates. Contact MCC with any questions you might have.
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